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Frostlords wargaming is a Norwegian wargaming club situated in Tromsø, Norway. Founded in the ancient past (or more precisely 2018) by a group of wargaming friends, Frostlords was originally just a reason for the founding group to wear silly tshirts and get hammered at out of town (and out of country) tournaments. The club still holds on to these core ideals, but has slowly morphed into one of the pillars, or rather, main communities for wargaming in Norway.

We have weekly gaming nights where members usually come to play pick up games, tournament training games, or simply just to hang out. However, we also occasionally do things outside of these regular meetings. We're a club that primarily focuses on Age of Sigmar, but have members that dabble in warhammer 40K and warcry.

Frostlords wargaming is also the creator and organizer of the "King in the North" (Kitn) AoS tournament, the world's most northernmost Age of Sigmar tournament. The tournament was held for the first time in 2018, and has since it's inception been on of the largest tournaments in the country. The "King in the North" tournament is held during fall, and is a competitive 5 match AoS tournament, with a great social aspect and atmosphere surrounding the event, with a pre-tournament barbecue and after hours activities.

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