The worlds Northernmost Aos Turnament.

We are proud to announce the worlds northernmost championship! Held in Tromsø Norway the 20-22 of August 2021.

Age!: We have a bar sellig hard liqure there we`ll set the age for attendace to 18+ (sorry younglings)


The championships a 2000 pts 5 games tournament, 3 games Saturday and 2 games Sunday. Using the most current generals handbook with points and scenarios. The full tournament comp will be released shortly after the GHB20.

Serving included in the ticket price is lunch on Saturday witch will be served after the second game. We will have a bar manned at all times where you can buy beer, drinks and soft drinks. as well as hot dogs and waffles.


If you come in on Friday (as you should) we will open the venue early and have a BBQ party! 200 kroner gets you all the food you want. The bar will be open and tables ready for pickup games, warhammer underworlds, warcry, other board games or just have some beers.


Stick around after the games on Saturday and pick up the Saturday night pass to join evening fun and drinking with the frostlords. This includes a pizza dinner served in the venue. 


The event will be held at Tromsø Motorsykkelklubb, witch is a minutes drive from the airport and 10 minutes from the city center. Its possible to park your car at he venue until you leave on Saturday. The venue ill be locked so you can safely store your armies there the whole weekend.

Painting requirements:

We place great pride in our fantastic tables and would therefor only ask that you bring finished models to the table, this means a minimum of painted parts, washed and finished painted/ flocked bases.

Painting competition:

There will be a player voted painting competition held on Sunday. All participants are invited to enter their favorite pices. This competition is open to all types of models.


King in the north Championships (include lunch on Saturday): 300,-

Friday BBQ party (a lot of food): 200,-

Saturday evening pass (dinner Saturday): 200,-

For tickets send an email to frostlords@hotmail.com with your full name and if you are coming to the bbq and saturday evening.

You will then receive a PayPal invoice, once this is payed your spot is secured!

Tickets refundable until 28 of July 2021.

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  • King in the North 20!
    Kvaløyvegen 450
    02. okt. 2020, 16:00 – 04. okt. 2020, 17:00
    Kvaløyvegen 450, Kvaløyvegen, Tromsø, Norway
    The worlds northernmost Age of Sigmar event


Good to Know


Games:The King in the North tournament is a 2000 pts 5 game Age of Sigmar tournament, with 3 games played on Saturday the 3d  of October and 2 games played on Sunday the 4th of October. We will be using the most current General’s handbook for points values and the most recently updated errata, FAQs, and commentaries published before the 21th of September 2020. Furthermore, there will be tournament specific rules that apply, which can be found later in this tournament pack. 
Make sure to bring everything you need for your games, such as measuring tools, dice, a set of six objectives, and so on. You will need to bring at least one easily readable copy of your list. In addition, you will need to submit your list beforehand. The deadline for submitting your list is by midnight on the 7th of September. Send your list to Frostlords@hotmail.com. All lists must be made using Warscroll Builder. Please upload your list to the Best Coast Pairings Players  app as well. The lists will not be visible to other players until they are unlocked by the TOs. The submitted lists will be checked by the TOs and will be made available for all participants by mail, and will be unlocked on the Best Coast Pairings Players app one week before the first day of the tournament.
Painting requirements:We ask that you bring finished models to the table, this means a painted models with  a minimum of three colours, and a fully painted or flocked base.

Gaming app:The tournament will be using the Best Coast Pairings app. It is recommended that everyone participating downloads the app and familiarize themselves with how the Best Coast Pairings Player app works beforehand. Lists can be submitted through the app so that you can see the other players lists during the tournament as well as see pairings as they are decided. To register for the event search for King in the North in the Best Coast Pairings app. Using the app is recommended, but not required, and anyone not wishing to use it will have their information and results entered manually by a TO.
Friday: If you stop by Friday (as you should) we will be throwing an awesome BBQ! The venue opens at 17:00, as does the Bar, andwillre will be tables ready for pickup games, Warhammer Underworlds, Warcry , and other board games (or just for drinking beer and eating meat).

Saturday:Stick around for the post-game party  on Saturday! The Saturday Night pass includes a pizza dinner from Yonas, a local pizza restaurant, and the chance to hanging out with your new best friends until the venue  closes at 03:00.  

Venue:The event will be held at Tromsø Motorsykkelklubb, Kvaløyveien 450, a one minute drive from the airport, and about 10 minutes from the city centre. If you’re drive to the event, you can park your car at the venue for as long  as the tournament lasts. The venue will be locked at night, so you can leave your army there for safekeeping overnight.

Bar:We will have a bar manned at all times where you can buy beer, drinks, and soda, as well as hotdogs and waffles.
Time:Games will take place on the 3rd and 4th of October, with three games being played Saturday and the final two on Sunday. The time limit for all five games will be set at 180 minutes, with the possibility of extending the play time to a maximum of 15 minutes into the break.
Time:Battleplan:Saturday0900RegistrationGame 10930-1230Force the Hand (GHB20)Lunch1230-1330Game 21330-1630Scorched Earth (GHB20)Game 31700-2000Blades Edge (GHB20)2000-0300Pizza, Hangout, chill!SundayGame 40900-1200Knife to the Heart (GHB20)Game 51230-1530Focal Points (GHB(20)1600-1630Prize ceremony

Tournament Rules:The following rule changes and clarifications will be applied to and used at King in the North 2020. Exceptions will apply if said rules are overruled by an official FAQ, Errata, or Commentary published after this Competition packet (anything published after september 21. will be ignored).
•Only full rounds, in which both players have taken a turn will be used for scoring. If necessary, the games can be extended slightly into the break in order to achieve this.•Endless spells are allowed.•All the tables have a unique feel to them and it should be pretty obvious for the most part which realm they are meant to represent. Use the realm rules from ghb20.•We will do our best to makes sure nobody plays on the same table twice.•The battlefields will be set up by the tournament organizers. The rules for setting up battlefields from Ghb20 will no be in use. Terrain pieces that have warscroll  cards will not use said warscroll cards (does not apply to faction terrain). However, buildings and tall ruins may be garrisoned as per the core rules.•Army specific terrain must be on your list if used. The footprint must match the GW kit.•Trees can be removed and models may move freely on the spaces around the 3 circles, but the 3 circles are impassable to units unless they can fly.•All models must be based on the appropriate bases according to the GW basing chart. Any exceptions must be approved by the TOs.•For the Knife to the heart battleplan the following apply: if a player has control of both objectives at the end of their turn, that player automatically scores a major victory. If a player scores a major victory, both players have to continue the game to play for their auxiliary objectives. If so all objectives are removed, thus locking the score, and the game continues for the full five turns.

In each game the players will score points, which will be used to set up the next game and to determine the winner of the tournament. Scoring points works as follows:
•Note: Only full rounds, in which both players have taken a turn will be used for scoring. If necessary, the games can be extended slightly into the break in order to achieve this.ResultPointsMajor Victory60Minor Victory40Draw30Minor Loss20Major Loss0
•In addition, each player must choose 3 different auxiliary objectives from the Generals Handbook for each game. Each auxiliary objective you complete is worth 10point. The same auxiliary objective can be chosen more than once during the tournament, but not in the same game.•The highest achievable score for a game is 90 points.
The first tiebreaker in case of any draw is the amount of major wins. If needed the second tiebreaker is the number of different auxiliary objectives achieved during the tournament. Should a tertiary tiebreaker be needed the strength of schedule of your opponents, calculated by adding the placings of all five opponents and finding the smallest number will determine the winner. If three or more players are going in to the fifth game with the same score and the same number of auxiliary objectives achieved they can contact a TO who can allow them to choose 2 additional auxiliary objectives in the final game for a total of 5. 

Incomplete games and conceding:
A goal of tournament play should be to finish a game in a timely manner. In order to encourage this at King in the North points will be deducted from the score of both players if five rounds have not been completed within 180 minutes. The judging team will stop all play at this point, and players who are not done with their game will be deducted points on a progressive scale. For the first game this will be 0 points, 2 points for the second game, 4 points for the third game, 6 points for the fourth game, and 8 points for the fifth and final game. 
This is a measure intended to discourage slow play, and is not meant to punish new players. If one player is clearly slow-playing, contact a judge. If a player concedes before 180 minutes of play, contact one of the judges. The opponent will score the maximum amount of points, while the player who conceded scores whatever secondary objectives the judge decides it is likely they would have scored.

Player conduct:
Kitn expect every player to behave their best. You are attending one of the largest tabletop tournaments in Norway, we run these events for you and your fellow players. Behaviour we find breaking Norwegian tournament standards values may result in penalties ranging from yellow card, loss of a game, or in severe cases being kicked out of the tournament. We will not be implementing any specific code of conduct such as the GW Player’s Code, because there are a few things there we do think is over the top, but we would encourage everyone to familiarise themselves with it. Cheating, deliberately distracting your opponent, pushing them into making mistakes, and anything that goes against a competitive yet friendly game will not be tolerated.

Starting in 2020 Norsehammer will be implementing a yellow card/ red card system for tournaments, and The Frostlords will implemented the same system for our tournament. This involves a simple card system, similar to the one found in football.  Starting with a yellow card, which is given for violations of player conduct of a less serious nature. A yellow card will follow a player for the current tournament and the following Norsehammer tournament. If a player receives 3 yellow cards a red card is automatically received.If a player is caught cheating or similar severe violations of player conduct a red card is given to the player by the TO. A red card results in disqualification from the current tournament and a ban from all Norsehammer and king in the north events for the next 6 months. This ban is lifted for the following Armacon tournament .
Chess Clocks:In response to problems with a fair division of time chess clocks will be used at kitn20 if either player wishes to use one. Kitn20 will not be providing chess clocks, so if you wish to use one you will need to bring one yourself. If either player has brought a chess clock and wishes to use it then the following rules apply to the game: •The first ten minutes are used for greetings, exchanging information about the armies, info on the chess clock and review of these rules and so on. •Each player will start with 85 minutes on the clock.•The clock starts as soon as the pre-game roll off for deciding sides has been made. •All dice rolls and pauses are made on the respective player’s time. Pass the time when your opponent deliberates or makes dice rolls in your turn.•Each player is responsible for their own time. It is a player’s right, but not their opponents’ obligation, to make sure that their time is being handled properly.•Any major rule dispute results in a paused time scenario. The time is to remain paused until a judge is called to the table and resolves the dispute.•If a player’s time runs out, they are done playing and may not perform any more actions except for those listed below. The only exception is if they are in the middle of moving a unit, they may finish so that the unit is placed legally on the board. Any other action is immediately stopped.•If a player runs out of time they may only perform the following actions:oMaking saving throws, and taking a battleshock test if required to.oScoring objectives that they have already achieved or already hold.

Sportsmanship: Best sportsmanBest sportsman will be decided by votes. After five games everyone will be asked to vote for the three most sporting opponents, 3 points for your favourite 2 points for the second and 1 for the third. The player with the most votes will win the Best Sportsman price. 
Painting: Best Painted ArmyBest army will be scored by votes. During lunch on Saturday everyone will be asked arrange their armies on the tables, and to vote for the three best painted armies in no particular order. The player with the most votes will win the Best Painted Army price. 

Painting: Best Painted Best painted will be scored by votes. All participants are invited to bring a single model to enter in the Best Painted competition. During lunch on Saturday everyone will be asked to vote for the three best painted models in no particular order. The player with the most votes will win the Best Painted price. There are no restrictions on manufacturer or size of the model.
Judging:Hopefully any rules disputes will have been covered by this packet, or can be decided by you and your opponent. If, however, something should arise that needs an impartial ruling, any rules dispute and judging of games at King in the North 2020 will be handled by the Judges team.